To Prepare is to Protect & Preserve

Life insurance with long term care benefits is insurance that fills the gaps in your Health Insurance and Medicare. Historically, you had to buy two separate insurance policies to get this essential protection. Now, they’re linked in one life insurance policy. And unlike long term care insurance your premiums will never increase.

Why preparing for long-term care makes sense
Think about the reasons why you’d want to plan ahead for long term care expenses. You probably want to protect yourself and loved ones from having to make the difficult choices or rush decisions that individuals face when they haven’t prepared.

You may have expectations for your retirement lifestyle or the size of the legacy you’d like to pass along to the next generation. But what if  you needed long term care? Will the savings you’ve intended to cover expenses be sufficient, or will you need to spend down retirement or estate assets? Insurance means leverage.

Life insurance with a long term care rider can help to safeguard the rest of your estate by providing coverage for qualifying long term care — such as care in your own home or in an assisted living facility. Long term care benefits are paid out of your policy’s death benefit. We help you find which plan works best for you and then help you through the application and underwriting process.

According to Ed Slott, retirement advisor, the number one benefit in the tax code today is the tax benefit afforded cash value life insurance. (example)

We provide quotes and sell policies that are available from all the major companies. We do not share or sell your information. We are not a "lead" company. We have been offering long term care insurance solutions since 1983. We have the experience you need.

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